I’ve Got No Brain!

What is it about worms? I just can’t get enough of them, is it their tiny non brains? Whatever it is these humble creatures have captured my imagination with an unexpected allure. If you are have been charmed by the wriggly non-arthropod invertebrate animals, Jealous Gallery have made limited edition screen-prints of my worm thoughts. More details are here .

And for worm fans button badges are available from Stereohype who are the purveyors of the worlds finest button badges.

Anniversary Painting

Every now and again I get an email from a wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend requesting to make a special a painting for their loved one. It’s a total joy to make these paintings and I’m always struck by the loving thoughtfulness of the gift giver. This painting was a first anniversary gift commissioned by Andrew Neely for his wife. It’s Chip and Bean at the Pulitzer Fountain in New York where Andrew proposed to his wife. The song that Bean is singing was the first dance on their wedding day.

Love is in the air at the I Love Bunnies Studio.

Marriage Poster

I’ve been getting a fair few love and marriage related commissions recently which is probably something to do with that book that I wrote recently. It’s all very interesting! This is a poster for an upcoming retreat and I’ve been asked to be a speaker at this event too. All are welcome on the retreat so if you’d like to come along and find out more please do!

New Paintings. Worms.

This summer for me has been all about worms, not just because of the rainy weather and frequent sightings of the humble wiggler but they have become my new artistic muse. Here are the paintings from my exhibitions shown at Greenbelt Festival a few weeks ago.

Worm Harmony.

Good Fruit, Bad Fruit.

Thank You. Acrylic on Canvas. 30″ x 30.

Friendship. Acrylic on Canvas. 12″ x 12″.

Despair. Acrylic on Canvas. 12″ x 12″. SOLD

Identity. Acrylic on Canvas. 12″ x 12″. SOLD

Worm Harmony 2. Acrylic on Canvas. 46″ x 36″.

Worm Fountain. Limited Edition Screen print, available from Jealous Gallery.
Breakdance (illustration from Please God.). Giclee framed Print.17″ x 17″.
God doing a Wheelie (illustration from Please God.) Giclee framed Print. 17″ x 17″.

Foetal Bean

Hello all! It’s been an age since I posted anything on here but I wanted to show you this – I loved this commission it’s got to be one of the most unusual requests that I’ve had. Graphic Designer and good guy Daniel Gray found out that he and his lady were pregnant. On the day of the first scan Daniel wrote me a very touching email that captured his awe of this life changing event. To celebrate seeing the little bean on the screen Daniel asked me to make this image for the mum-to-be.

There we have it, a most unusual request.

On another note, this is a delayed thank you to everyone that came along to my book launch at Gosh! and for Gosh! or hosting it. Thank you for your support, it was a really great night thanks to everyone.

Gosh! Interview

Book launch of New Graphic Novel

Yay!  My new book Please God, Find Me a Husband! is out this week.  You are invited the book launch next Tuesday, see invite below. I hope to see you there.

The Guardian have made the book graphic novel of the week,  Rachel Cookes funny and comprehensive review is here

New Screenprints From Jealous Gallery

Jealous Gallery recently teamed up with Heals on Tottenham Court Road for a magnificent and innovative Pop – Up gallery in the shop window.  There are new screenprints available to buy, due to demand the Chicken and Sausage is now available in two new colours. To buy please visit Jealous’s site.

Lucie in the Phoenix Comic

2012 see’s the launch of the wonderful Phoenix Comic, the new weekly comic for children full of adventure stories, comedies, puzzles and competitions.  I’m very excited to have a spot with ‘Lucie’.  Lucie has two younger brothers called Dmietri and Max who are rather rumbustious.  Lucie loves books and sometimes finds herself falling into the stories that she reads about, having mini-adventures with the bookish characters who have an uncanny resemblance to a certain Chip and a Bean.


Chip and Bean Animation

I was approached by Olivia Knight of  The Green Thing to work on this project to promote the ‘buy nothing’ campaign. The Green Thing are a public service that inspire people to lead a greener life and Olivia Knight who I’ve worked with in the past has always been supportive (of my various past strange ventures!) and a ball of enthusiasm and productivity, a lady who makes things happen!

The animation was made by Maya Kurasawa who understands Chip and Bean and brought them to life magically, edited by Haydn Secker who made this beautiful animation the Joy of Fix – it’s really wonderful stop frame animation. My dear friend Lee who built this website got roped in by me to be Bean’s voice.  My other dear friend Minneapolis based  James G Everest of Late Duster fame and various other amazing bands, made the music. I met James exactly 10 years ago en-route to a warehouse rave in Old Street, we’d been talking recently about making a little project together when Oliva suggest this, so hurrah.

So the message is ‘Buy Nothing’ which is neatly contradicted by my new website which has a button that says ‘buy things’.





New Website and Nelson!

Hello and welcome to my new website. I’ve uploaded new work on the portfolio page and from now on blog posts will be here rather than at blogspot. The site was put together by my dear friend Lee Allan. Follow him on here

For older blogposts please see my old blogspot site.

If you haven’t seen it already, please check out the marvellous Nelson, a fantastic anthology of British comic artists published by Blank Slate Books .

Book signing on Thursday evening at Forbidden Planet London with Warren Pleece, genius creators Rob Davies, Woodrow Phoenix and one of my fave artists Gary Northfield  and I’ll be there too.  Signings from 6!



Thought of The Day

Afternoon doodle

“life is a game, play it” Mother Teresa


Worm [dive]

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