Chip and Bean Animation

I was approached by Olivia Knight of  The Green Thing to work on this project to promote the ‘buy nothing’ campaign. The Green Thing are a public service that inspire people to lead a greener life and Olivia Knight who I’ve worked with in the past has always been supportive (of my various past strange ventures!) and a ball of enthusiasm and productivity, a lady who makes things happen!

The animation was made by Maya Kurasawa who understands Chip and Bean and brought them to life magically, edited by Haydn Secker who made this beautiful animation the Joy of Fix – it’s really wonderful stop frame animation. My dear friend Lee who built this website got roped in by me to be Bean’s voice.  My other dear friend Minneapolis based  James G Everest of Late Duster fame and various other amazing bands, made the music. I met James exactly 10 years ago en-route to a warehouse rave in Old Street, we’d been talking recently about making a little project together when Oliva suggest this, so hurrah.

So the message is ‘Buy Nothing’ which is neatly contradicted by my new website which has a button that says ‘buy things’.